As Outlook has now been migrated to Office 365, some students or staff might have issues with accessing their emails on their iPad, the following are the steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Previous email must be removed first (recalling the old profile should do it - if it doesn't, the iPad will need to be unlocked by the Tech Centre)
    • Once it has been unlocked, you have to go to Settings -> Passwords and Accounts and delete the Scotch Email
  2. After you have done that, go to Self Service and download SCOTCH - Office 365 Email.
  3. Once the policy has finished running, a little pop up will appear asking asking the user to enter their password for the Exchange Account, hit Edit Settings.

  4. This will then open a Scotch Log In page, the user name should be pre filled with their Scotch Email so they just need to enter their Scotch Password.

  5. Once they have entered their password, the Settings page should open up showing the newly configured account, it is recommended to Turn Off Contacts

  6. Once that is done, close Settings and open the Mail app to make sure that mail is being received
  7. If needed, contact the Tech Centre to lock the iPad again

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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