These TVs have access to Free-to-air TV, Streaming Services and AirPlay via Apple TV. In addition a Console can be Plugged in to the spare labeled connections on the TV

Free-to-air TV  

  • Input must be set to TV/Digital
  • TV channels can be browsed as normal


  • Apple Devices (Such as student laptops) can mirror their screen to the TV via AirPlay
  • Input must be set to HDMI 1 for the Apple TV
  • The name of the Apple TV to connect to will be printed at the bottom of the Guide Page next to the TV.

Streaming Services 

  • Streaming services can be accessed via Apple TV
  • Input must be set to HDMI 1 for the Apple TV
  • The Apple TV can be controlled using the Siri Remote ONLY, the remote app on iOS has been disabled
  • Any already installed free apps can be used, in addition paid subscription services Netflix and Kayo Sports can be accessed
  • Additional apps cannot be purchased or downloaded without permission
  • If there is a restriction in place that you feel is unfair let the Residential Life staff know, they will pass it onto ILT


  • A Console can be connected to the TV 
  • Connect the console to the HDMI cable labeled "Console"
  • Connect the console to Ethernet cable labeled "Console
  • Input must be set to HDMI 2


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