The Following guide will detail how to setup a Managed Apple ID (MAID) on a Scotch Device.


  • Managed Apple ID Login information (with temporary password)
  • Mobile Phone Number (for two-factor authentication)
  • No Other iCloud account logged in on the device 


If you are currently signed in with an personal iCloud  account on your device, you will need to sign out. Follow the below Guide and then proceed with the rest of the steps.

  1. You Will receive an Email from Apple School Manager  with the Subject Message Set Up Your Managed Apple ID. This Email will contain the Login information and temporary password as below. ​
  2. To Begin the Setup of your Managed Apple ID, Navigate to Settings  > Passwords & Accounts  > Add Account > iCloud ​
  3. Enter the Managed Apple ID Email Address and the temporary password 
  4. You will then be asked to enter a mobile phone number. This number is to enable two factor authentication on the account for security. Enter then phone number > select Verify Using Text message > Send 
  5. Enter the Verification code that you receive on your mobile into the screen below
  6. You will be required to enter your temporary password again and then create a new password for your account. This account is not tied to your Scotch account, and does not need to have the same password. 
  7. Once You have changed your Password and logged into your account. You may be asked if you want to Merge data with iCloud  Select Yes
  8. After you have signed in to the account you will land on the Password & Accounts  page with an iCloud  account. Under Accounts, Select iCloud  

  9. A New Page will open with your account details. You should see your iPad at the bottom of the page like below. Select iCloud 
  10. This will take you to a page with the the items that can be synchronised with iCloud  We Recommend turning everything on this page on as Below. To Begin the backup process, select iCloud Back Up  ​
  11. Make sure that the iCloud back up  option is enabled. And select Back Up Now. Depending on how much data there is on the iPad this may take several minutes or several hours to complete. ​
  12. When the backup is completed you will be presented with a screen as below, with the last time a backup was successfully completed. 

You have now successfully set up a Managed Apple ID and backed up to iCloud.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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