House Head meetings are held after school in the Senior Library for each cohort twice yearly following the release of Semester reports.

Students who are studying after school need to use the silent study glass room or the lower library area.

Catering will drop off their supplies in the library staff area after lunch and will come back and set up at about 2/2:30pm.



  • 'No eating due to House Head Meetings' signs should be placed outside and inside the library's front doors first thing in the morning. Place the two green bins outside near the pillar as well.
  • Push the graphic novel shelves back towards the couch, leaving room to access the books on the couch side, and move 3 wave-shaped tables in front of them in an L-shape for the catering station. The urn will be plugged in at the pillar.
  • Set up 10 rectangular desks on the main floor with a staff chair on one side and three chairs on the opposite side for students and parents. The Head of Senior School will sit at one of the Teacher Librarians' desks.
  • Stack all remaining desks and chairs out of the way in the far corners of the main floor and either side of the glass room door.
  • Spray and wipe all 10 tables.
  • Set out House Head nameplates on the tables (PA to Head of Senior School has these, however, they are kept in the library cupboard during the 3-week periods that the meetings take place - big white library cupboard on the left of the north wall where the tissues are kept).
  • Place one bottle of water on each House Head's table (supplied by Catering).
  • Roll the television near the coffee machine over to the library front desk and connect the laptop from the circulation desk to it. Make sure the laptop is plugged in with a laptop charger.
  • Open the Scotch Timer webpage (bookmarked in Chrome) and test the audio alert works through the television (television volume is usually set at about 68). Webpage should be displayed in full-screen.
  • Clean and tidy the library including vacuuming the floor where necessary. Make sure the small, open bins near the windowsill garden are emptied into one of the bigger bins with a lid.
  • At 2:45pm make sure the urn has been turned on. The temperature should be one step below the maximum (ie. on 100 if the urn's limit is 110).
  • The biscuits should be left on the bench behind the Teacher Librarians' desks. The Head of Senior School will put them out.
  • At the end of the school day, bring in and put away the 'No eating' signs.
  • Unplug the photocopier and stick a post-it note on the screen saying 'Do not use during meetings'.
  • Pour one 2L bottle of milk into the milk jugs.
  • Direct students to the glass room or downstairs when they arrive after school. Students who are waiting for an early meeting can wait in the couches.


House Head Meetings Floor Setup 1

House Head Meetings Floor Setup 2

House Head Meetings Floor Setup 3



  • Return the circulation desk laptop to its usual spot and log into Oliver . Return the laptop charger to the chargers' drawer.
  • Put all of the library tables and chairs back so that students can use them straight away.
  • Do not move the tables used for catering until the Catering staff have packed all of their supplies away.
  • Put the television back near the coffee machine.
  • Look out for cups that have been left on shelves or tables and put them on the catering tables.
  • Any leftover, unopened water bottles can be put in the bottom black drawer near the kitchen sink.
  • Put the House Head nameplates in the A4 cardboard box lid they are kept in and put them back in the big white library cupboard on the left of the north wall (cupboard where the tissues are kept). The may have been left on or behind the Teacher Librarians' desk or on the circulation desk.


Library Main Floor Layout 1

Library Main Floor Layout 2


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