Incorrect Date & Time can cause various issues with your laptop or computer, such as not being able to access the internet or using Microsoft Office Apps or accessing your email.


If you notice your Date & Time is not correct this guide will help you change it. Please make sure you are connected to the internet through WiFi or Ethernet before starting this guide.


  1.  Go to System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Menu > System Preferences
  2. Next, click on Date & Time
  3. Unlock the Date & Time page by clicking on the Lock in the bottom left of the window, enter your password and click Unlock
  4. Make sure the check box for "Set date & time automatically:" is ticked and select "Apple (" from the drop down box
  5. Then click on "Time Zone" at the top of the Window, and make sure the check box for "Set time zone automatically using current location" is ticked, and your Time Zone says "Australian Western Standard Time"

Your date and time should have automatically changed to now reflect the correct date and time.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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