Enabling the OneNote Bin to recover deleted items.

This process will have to be done to all Notebooks. The Bin cannot be automatically enabled.
Please note that Enabling the Bin will not recover any already deleted items.

  1. In the top ribbon in OneNote, select the View tab.

  2. In the View Tab you will see a button labelled “Deleted Notes”. It will be greyed out because it is disabled. Click on the drop-down arrow.
  3. Disable History for this Notebook will have a tick next to it. Click on this option to uncheck it.


The Deleted Notes icon should now be coloured. Now when you delete a section it will now appear in this section. All you need to do it click on this icon to view all the deleted sections and pages from the OneNote.

Below is an example of what the deleted section looks like:

Anything that has been deleted while the Bin is enabled will be recoverable for 60 days, unless deleted from the bin.
If something was deleted before the Bin is enabled, it cannot be recovered.
You will need to click the Deleted notes icon again to close the Bin view

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