To update the Senior Library New Books & Magazines you will need to edit the LibGuide:

  1. Open the Page you want to Edit, click on the Edit symbol to the bottom/right of the box and choose Edit.
  2. In the Rich Text Box, right-click on the Image you want to change, select Image Properties.
  3. Choose Browse Server.
  4. Ensure you are in the Correct folder ie Personal Library or Shared Library.
  5. Choose your Image.
    • If you Need a Book Cover Image:
      1. Download book covers from Booktopia.
      2. Make the image 250 Pixels wide x 400 high @ 72dpi.
      3. Go to Image Manager.
      4. Choose Browse Server.
      5. Ensure you are in the Correct folder ie Personal Library or Shared Library.
      6. Choose Upload New Image.
      7. The Image is now in your Folder and can be Selected for your LibGuide.
  6. ​​Now you can see the image in preview, enter 100% in the Width Box.
  7. Clear Height box value​.
    • To Get a Scotch Library Book Link:

    1. Go to Scotch Senior Library search page.
    2. Search book title on Fast Find.
    3. In the list, Right-Click on link icon and choose Copy Link.
  8. Click the Link tab on the Image Properties Dialogue Box.
  9. Paste the link location into the URL line.
  10. In the Target Dialogue, choose New Window.
  11. Click OK to close the Dialogue Box.
  12. Click Save & Close to close the Edit Box.


TIPS: If your Covers Don't Line Up or have Inconsistent Spacing, look for Extra Cell Padding (in cell properties, right-click inside the cell), empty line above the image.



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