How do I access Adobe Products?


PLC & Scotch provides Students and Staff with the latest version of Adobe Products. This includes editing and publishing applications such as: Adobe Bridge , Adobe Illustrator , Adobe InCopy , Adobe InDesign , Adobe Lightroom Adobe After Effects , Adobe Photoshop and many more. Below are step by step instructions of how you can download them. Please be aware that this download will only work if you are at school as you have to be connected to the PLCScotch Network. Also note that the applications are rather large (~2GB) and therefore may take a while to download.



  1. Open Self Service .  
  2. Log in using your Student User ID (UID).

  3. The main Adobe Products can be found using the Search Bar.

  4. Select the Adobe Product you wish to install by clicking Install.

  5. You may need to click on Install again. Please be aware that because each application is rather large (~2GB), they may take a while to download. We suggest that you install one application at a time.
  6. You can check the progress of your install in the window that pops up after you click Install.

If you have any issues installing any of the Adobe Suite feel free to drop past 1 Degree and a coach will be happy to help.