How do I upload to Scotch Student Shared at home?


To upload a file/s to Student Shared  at home you will need to access My Files via home.SCOTCH and click and drag across the files you wish to upload.


  1. Open home.SCOTCH and select the Student option.
  2. Click on My Files.

  3. Sign in using your Student User ID (UID).

  4. Once you've logged in, select the Upload option in the top toolbar. If you need to create a folder in which to put your documents, select the New Folder button BEFORE selecting the upload button.

  5. Once you've selected the Upload button, change the view to Drag and Drop. This is the easiest view to bulk upload. Please be aware the maximum you can upload at any time is 2GB.

  6. Once you've clicked Upload, the progress should read 100% for each item. When that is complete, then your files have been successfully uploaded.


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