How do I set up my School email on my iPhone?


Please note that before you begin this process you will need to make sure that your phone has a set Passcode. Setting up Scotch email requires this to be in place before any email account can be added.

This process can also be applied to iPads.


  1. Open Settings and scroll down to Mail.

  2. Select Accounts.

  3. Select Add Account.

  4. Select Exchange.

  5. Enter your Scotch or PLC Email Address and a Description for the account, and hit Next. You will then be prompted to enter your Password - this is the same one you would use to log in to your computer.

  6. Fill out the rest of the details. The Scotch Server is: and the PLC Server is: For PLC, the Domain should be PLC_PTH. For Scotch, this can be left blank. The Username and Password are the same details that you would use to log in to your computer.

  7. Hit Save and everything should be approved.

  8. You can choose whether to synchronise your email with your Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes. Once you have made your selections, click Save.

  9. Mail should now be installed on your iPhone or iPad.

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