How do I keep my Applications up-to-date at Scotch?


Updating the applications on your computer is an easy process. It is important to update these apps so that you have the most recent versions, and that if there are any problems within the application (i.e. bugs), they will usually be fixed in the most recent update. Please note that Scotch will only release new updates to you after rigorous testing to ensure that they will not affect your computer performance.


There are 2 methods of updating your computer:

  1. A little badge keeps appearing in the top right hand corner of your screen. Click on Install.

    1. Once you've clicked install, it will ask you for a Password. Email 1 Degree for it! When you have entered the password click Sign In. Please note that this is only for items which used the Apple ID If you used your personal account to download an app (e.g. snake) then you will need to use the corresponding password.

    2. Your updates will automatically be downloading. Check above the Launchpad  icon to see their progress.

  2. Open the App Store .
    1. Select the Updates option.

    2. You can either choose to Update All or you can Update Individually. Click on the Install button of your choice.

    3. Once you've clicked install, it will ask you for a Password. Email 1 Degree for it! When you have entered the password click Sign In.

    4. Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the Agree button.

    5. Please be aware that some applications will require you to restart your computer. Click Download & Restart.

    6. The application/s which you have selected will begin installing. This can be seen by the progress bar, located to the left of the install button. Once this progress bar is complete and any necessary restarts have been completed, your computer will be up to date.

  • Please make sure that, if required, you have connected your computer to a power source.