You will need to use Preview  to make an application icon.


  1. Find the application you wish to make the icon for in the Applications Folder .

  2. Get the info for the application by going Command + I or selecting File > Get Info. Copy the icon in the top left corner (Command + C)

  3. Open Preview  and select File > New from Clipboard (Command + N).

  4. The application icon should appear. Press Command + I to get the image size. Select the image that gives you 256 x 256 pixels and then select File > Save. Ensure that you are only saving the one image, not the entire collection that appears in the left-hand sidebar.

  5. Save the icon as Application_Name.png with underscores instead of spaces. Make sure that you save it as a PNG. Select Save. 

  6. Once you have created the application icon, Add it to the relevant folder in LibApps.

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