How do I restore my CrashPlan backup files over the Web?


You can restore files from your CrashPlan  backup through a browser to your laptop or onto any computer you choose. However you can only restore 500MB at a time. To restore larger files you will need to restore with the CrashPlan  application.

To access your CrashPlan  via the Web:

  1. Type in a browser window for Scotch students, or for PLC students CrashPlan can be found from home.plc. Login with your Scotch or PLC credentials.
  2. On the CrashPlan  home page click Devices.

  3. For the device you wish to restore backup files from click the Restore  icon.

  4. Select the files or folders (and which versions) you wish to restore via the checkboxes and click Restore.

  5. Your selections will appear on the Left as downloadable options. Be sure to press Download to obtain your files.