Turnitin  is a plagiarism software, that checks your work against other websites and other students work. To submit an assignment you will need to register to a class using a Class ID provided to you by your teacher. If your class is not appearing, you will need to get the Class ID and Class Enrollment Password from your teacher and then register to the class.

Below are instruction on how to enroll in a class:

  1. Get the correct information from your Teacher
  2. Log in to Turnitin  using your PLC/Scotch Email Address.

  3. Once you have logged on click on the Enroll in a Class tab. 

  4. enter your 7 Digit Class/Section ID and your Enrollment Password and the click Submit 
  5. Turnitin  will then return to the Home Page and your class should now appear in the List.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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