SEQTA Teach , (formerly TA), allows you to download a printable PDF of your class register. SEQTA Teach  can be found under the Staff section of home.SCOTCH. Unfortunately these instructions only work for Timetabled Classesif you need to generate list of students with photos of an Untimetabled Class please view this FAQ Article.


  1. Log In to SETQA Teach  using your Teacher User ID (UID).

  2. Click the Teacher Workspace icon to the left. Then click on the Load Attendance icon of the class that you wish to view/print.

  3. Click the Print icon in the top left.

  4. Click Student Photos.

  5. Select Click Here to Access your Document. This then opens the PDF in your web browser which can be saved and/or printed.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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