Once you have filmed the interviews, you will need to import the footage, then upload to the specific Staff_Shared folder. The SONY cameras (which is what you'll be using) use a AVCHD video codec, which is great for quality and compression, but slightly more complex to import.


  1. Plug in the camera via the USB Cable, which can be found in the side grip. Make sure the camera is On and you have selected Connect USB on the Camera Display Screen.

  2. Open the drive 'NO NAME' and you should see a file named AVCHD.
  3. Double Click the AVCHD file, which should launch a Quicktime Player  window. Then select the clips you want to import, and click OK.
  4. The clips should open in separate windows. For each clip, go to File > Export > 1080p then save onto your Desktop

  5. Each clip is then added to the export queue, which can be shown/hidden by going to Window > Show/Hide Export Progress
  6. Once the export is complete, ensure the files are named in the correct format; YYYY.MM.DD-P(Period Number)-Interviewer's Initials (e.g. 2015.08.06-P2-NS)
  7. Then move the files into the allocated folder; Staff_Shared > Learning Analytics > Data Collection > Aug 2015 Interviews > Interviews



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