The Saved Application State is a feature designed to allow you to resume work quickly. The problem is, if the application is not shut down properly (it crashes, or if you frequently quit the app with multiple documents open) it can quickly become an issue when re-launching the app. When the app is launched again, it will attempt to process the data in the files all at once, often resulting in multiple windows being open, un-responsive computer, or the spinning-wheel-of-death.


To solve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open up Finder  and select Go from the top menu bar.

  2. Hold down the Option key and select Library.

    You can also select Go to Folder then type in /system/library.

  3. Once you have opened the Library Folder, go to the Saved Application State Folder and select all it's contents.

  4. Move everything in the Saved Application State Folder into the Trash, then ensure that the Trash is Emptied.

  5. Restart your computer, and you should find that this issue is resolved. If you are still experiencing problems, you can visit the Techcentre for further assistance.


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