Why is my Self Service 'unavailable'?


Self Service  access is determined by who you are, so the system needs verify your user details before you can have access to certain types of software. Others might get less or more access than you. The system determines this by 'checking in' your laptop to the school system. Normally a 'check in' happens when you restart your computer at school. In order to fix the issue, first ensure that your device is connected to PLCScotch WiFi network then Restart your computer on the Scotch campus. Once your computer has finished restarting, try Re-launching Self Service .


Alternatively, if your default browser (eg. Safari ) has cookies disabled you may also encounter this error.


  1. Navigate to your preferences by Selecting File > Preferences.

  2. Click on the Privacy icon to change tabs.

  3. Select the Always Allow radio button for Cookies and Website Data.

  4. Re-launch and log in to Self Service  after trying both of the solutions above.

If you still find that you are having issues, please contact 1 Degree.