Will Tinder drain my phone battery?


Tinder  uses a lot of battery because it constantly maps your location and connects to the server looking for new information after every time you swipe through peoples pictures. Many applications do this and while this question relates directly to Tinder anyone looking to improve battery performance can use the procedure below. Finally, location tracking needs to be used with caution in all applications. In many instances this would allow individuals and apps to geo locate you (know where you roughly are) and allowing this needs to be given due consideration. 


The location tracking is probably using most of your battery as the map may be making use of a Background Refresh feature which is highly energy intensive. This is mainly when Tinder  communicates with the server - in the Background (i.e. when you aren't using the app but you haven't quit it either). This feature is used to check for updates and new messages.


You can turn off this setting for Tinder  to reserve your phone battery:


  1. Open your iPhone Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Choose Background App Refresh
  4. Turn this Off for Tinder .

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