Does the Scotch Library lend phone chargers?


The Library does not lend phone chargers. We can however charge them for you in the library. If your mobile phone is constantly running out of power then here are some useful tips on how to save battery.

  • One of the easiest ways to conserve power is to turn your phone off when not using it, such as in class or during sport.
  • Another easy way is to reduce background app use. On Samsung devices, tap the button on the bottom left corner of the phone, left of the home button. This will open all running apps. Tap and drag each app that you want to close to the left/right to close it completely or to remove all background apps tap the button that says remove all. On an iPhone double tap the home button and the background apps will appear onscreen. Swipe left/right to select the app you want and then swipe upwards to close the app.
  • Another simple way to prolong battery life is to lower the brightness of the screen. Samsung does this by swiping top to bottom, then the brightness tab will appear, simply swipe left to dim. iPhone functions the same way however the first step is to swipe bottom to top.