What is Edmodo?


Edmodo  is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips. Edmodo is primarily a tool for within-class communication, but it also provides several ways for teachers to connect with other teachers. 



Why use Edmodo?

  • Build an online learning conversation with your class about your subject.
  • Edmodo provides simple ways to share files and communicate online.
  • It is available of a wide range of devices.
  • Encourage a peer-learning and peer-support environment – both in the classroom and online.
  • Students enjoy using Edmodo. 


Edmodo security features – why it’s not like Facebook

Edmodo explicitly deals with school and teacher concerns about social networking for students in the following ways:

  • Each Edmodo class group is managed and controlled by the teacher.
  • Students need an access code to join the class. If a student shares the code outside the class, the teacher can change it, without affecting students already joined in the group.
  • Students can only communicate to the whole class or to the teacher – private messages between students are not possible.
  • Anonymous posting is not possible.
  • Teachers can delete posts.
  • If schools upgrade (free) to the institutional features, the school can audit all teacher and student activity.
  • Parental access to their children’s posts and to the teacher is an optional feature.