Setting up your e-mail in Outlook  is a fairly simple process. This FAQ is for users that do not have any e-mail accounts set up in their Outlook  application at all.

  1. Open the Outlook  App.
  2. Navigate to Preferences by going to Outlook > Preferences.

  3. Select the Accounts button.

  4. Click on Add Email Account.

  5. Enter your email in the box that appears, then select Continue
    • PLC Staff - 
    • PLC Students - 
    • Scotch Staff - 
    • Scotch Students -
  6. In the popup window, type your User ID and Password and then select Sign in.

  7. Select Done

  8. Give Outlook  a few minutes to populate your inbox and connect to the network. You will know your account has been successfully created when a Green Dot appears next to your Account Name.


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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