1 + 2 = 3 also known as Jungle Puzzle     integrates addition and spatial reasoning to entertain and educate young kids. This app uses pop-up, $1.99 (at time of review), in-app purchases to unlock puzzles. This app incorporates three levels with repeating puzzles, and starts the not-yet-adding child with basic puzzle games, which slowly builds the 2nd level with simple addition problems 1-5 in a supportive way, and then turns them loose to adding and fitting in pieces by the 3rd level.


This is an iPad app, and is available for students on the iPad version of
Self Service The app is intended for use by Year 1 students and teachers. There is no login required for this app.


The first 3 puzzles in each level are free; the other 12 can be unlocked in all 3 levels with a one-time in-app purchase ($1.99). This game is part of the "Learning is fun" educational game collection. Visit this website for more info: or


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