The Color Tiles app provides students with an open-ended tool for exploring fundamental math concepts. Students place coloured tiles on an interactive playground to represent mathematical ideas. 


This app can be identified as either Hands-on Math Color Tiles, or Color Tiles. If it's in the App Store, it will show as this icon   and will be called Hands-on Math Color Tiles. When in Self Service, and on the iPad itself, it will be called Color Tiles, with this icon .

There is no Login function for this app.


The interface is really simple, all you do is tap a colour and then a tile to place the colour. To remove coloured tiles off the board, just drag them to the side off the white area. 


You are able to change modes using the options on the side. 

There is an inbuilt guide book in the app, which can be found on the home screen.


To enable the Grid Option (which is very useful) go to the setting icon from the main screen.


Then, enable Grid Options.


To change grid modes / enable and disable, tap on the grid icon that now appears in your side menu.


Here is the Users Guide for this app. You can find Color Tiles on the App Store here.


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