If your Hard Drive  is having issues, won't mount, or has corrupt files, you may need to erase it through Disk Utility 


  1. Plug in the Hard Drive   to your computer. 
  2. The Hard Drive icon should then mount onto your desktop.
  3. Once the Hard Drive  has mounted, open Disk Utility . Disk Utility  is located in the Utilities  subfolder in Applications  
  4. In the Disk Utility  window, select the Hard Drive   by Name (e.g. Passport). In the top Menu select Erase. Ensure that the Format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled), You can also Rename your Hard Drive .  Then select Erase in the bottom right had corner. 

  5. Disk Utility  will then ask you if you Are You Sure you Want to Erase the Partition "Name"? if you are certain you have selected the correct erase settings, select Erase. 
  6. The Disk Utility  window will remain open and the Progress Bar will be shown in the bottom right hand corner, the time that the Hard Drive  will take to erase depends on the amount of information is stored on the drive. 


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