As a Scotch Student, where can I find past exams?


The library provides access to all past exam papers, both ATAR and IB. These can be found under Research in the main menu on library.SCOTCH. Select the subject you require and log in if prompted.

Past exams can be accessed from library.SCOTCH


All past and practice exams relevant to the current syllabus will be listed under individual courses and year levels. Click on an exam to view all the available material for it. This can include Exam Paper, Marking Key, Examiner's Reports and any additional material.

Click on the exam title to see all available material.


You can also access any older Archived Exams for the subject, but be aware that the current courses may have different syllabus points that are not covered in these older exams or the exams may include questions that do not relate to your course. For more information about what may be relevent, seek advice directly from your classroom teacher.

Find older Archived Exams


With a sustainable future in mind, you are strongly encouraged to be conscious of what you print, and whether it is necessary to print several years worth of past exams. There are many possible solutions to reduce print wastage.
  • If you are using exams for revision only, copy and paste (or write out) relevant questions.
  • If you are wanting to practise under exam conditions, consider only printing out the questions and not all the extra pages (cover page, instructions, lined pages, etc...)
  • Marking Keys and Solutions can always be viewed digitally. There is really no reason to be printing these.