Why does Google Chrome keep re-opening?


Google Chrome  usually reopens after quitting due to plug ins that don't shut down properly. Plugins are essentially applications within Google Chrome , if they are shutting down incorrectly it can cause Google Chrome  to continuously reopen. This can be solved by disabling the plug ins in the extensions window.


  1. Open Google Chrome ​. Click Chrome in the top left of your screen, and then select Preferences.

  2. Once this window appears, click Extensions (located on the left).

  3. All the plugins you have currently installed on Google Chrome  will be displayed.

  4. Then simply disable the plugins by Unchecking All The Boxes. It should look similar to the image below.

  5. After your plugins have been disabled, Restart the application.
  6. If the problem still has not been resolved, you may need to update Google Chrome . Instructions can be found Here.
  7. If this doesn't resolve the issue, Reset the PRAM. Instructions can be found here or you can take your system to One Degree, who can provide further assistance.

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