Google Chrome  usually reopens after quitting due to plug ins that don't shut down properly. Plugins are essentially applications within Google Chrome . If they are not shutting down incorrectly it can cause Google Chrome  to continuously reopen. This can be solved by disabling the plug ins in the extensions window.


  1. Open Google Chrome ​. On the top right of the Chrome window, there should be three vertical dots. Click on this, then go down and select More Tools. Then select Extensions.

  2. This will change the page you are looking at to the Extensions page, which will show all the plugins you have currently installed on Google Chrome . There will be a switch located on the bottom right of each extension.
    • To disable the extension, make sure the switch is to the left, and grayed out, (shown with Google Docs Office).
    • To activate an extension, make sure it is blue, and the switch is on the right, (shown with the Sheets extensions). 

  3. After your plugins have been disabled, Restart the application.
  4. If the problem still has not been resolved, you may need to update Google Chrome . Instructions can be found here.
  5. If this doesn't resolve the issue, Reset the PRAM. Instructions can be found here or you can take your system to the Techcentre, who can provide further assistance.

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