Where can I find CrashPlan on my computer?


You can find CrashPlan   in the Applications  folder, or by searching in Spotlight. 

  1. Applications  folder:
    1. On the bottom left of the dock, select the Finder  icon. 

    2. In the Finder  window, select the folder labeled Applications . Proceed to navigate to CrashPlan  in the list of applications.

    3. If you cannot locate it, simply search CrashPlan in the Search Box located at the top right of the window.
  2. Locating with Spotlight:
    1. Go to the top right of your task bar and select the Spotlight icon as indicated below.
    2. Type CrashPlan in the search box.
    3. When CrashPlan  appears, press Enter or Double-click on it and the application will open.


IMPORTANT: If you cannot locate CrashPlan on your computer after following the above steps, visit 1 Degree immediately to have this fixed.