How do I recover a deleted file using CrashPlan?


By accessing the Restore function from the CrashPlan  application you can restore deleted/corrupted/lost files(s) or folders to your computer from the last back up. 


  1. Open up CrashPlan .
  2. You will be greeted with the Backup panel, which will have backed up your most recent data.
    Now select Restore on the left side bar. 
  3. In the Restore panel, you will be able to view the contents of the computer with the original appearance of all the files. The window should look similar to this.
  4. To find the files that you would like to restore, either;
    • Search the file name in the search box, towards the top right.
    • Progress down your Folder Structure to select the file .
  5. Check/Click the Show Deleted Files box to reveal the deleted files that you would like to restore.
    • Note: as you modify a saved file over time (e.g. various drafts of a written document), CrashPlan  will show the different 'saved versions' of that file over time. Therefore, you are not limited to restoring only the latest version.
  6. Once the deleted file is selected, you can click Restore.

This will restore the most recent version of the file with the original permissions of access straight to your Desktop (default destination). However, more options are available; Most Recent, Original Permissions, Desktop and Rename

  • By clicking Most Recent, you will be presented with a calendar, allowing you to restore a file from a specific date.


  • Clicking Original Permissions will change the security settings of the file to the user's Current Permissions.
  • Clicking Desktop toggles the destination of the restored file to another place of your choosing.
  • Clicking Rename changes the restore function to Overwrite; depending on whether or not you want to keep the original file.

Click Restore and your file will be restored to your choosing. 


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