How do I restore an earlier version of a deleted file in CrashPlan?


If you have restored an incorrect version of a file when using CrashPlan , you have the ability to restore an earlier version by selecting the preferred date and time for the file you want to restore.

  1. Open up CrashPlanfrom Applications  .
  2. CrashPlan will open and will appear as below. To Restore your data, click the Get Files icon from the right.

  3. By default the most recent backup of files will be available. To restore a previous version of the files, you can do so by selecting the As Of Today button.

  4. Navigate to a desired date/time. ​For example, if the most recent version of your file is in September, but you would like to restore a version of it from August, simply click the arrows at the top right of the window to select the month of your choice, then click OK. Now CrashPlan  will have changed the file's version to the back up that occurred on that particular date.
  5. Now Search for your lost file; by either 
    • Clicking the magnifying glass search icon; OR 
    • Navigating the folder structure in the main window.

  6. Once you have found your deleted file of choice select Get Files... from the bottom right, followed by Go to restore your file(s) to your Desktop (unless specified elsewhere).​

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