If you cannot see your CrashPlan  icon in your menu bar, this may not be visible for a variety of reasons. Most commonly:

  • The application has not been installed properly onto the system; or
  • CrashPlan's menu bar icon isn't activated in the application's preferences. 

In order to make sure you can view CrashPlan  at all times in the Menu Bar (top bar), and be aware of when backups are occurring, please follow the steps below.


Verifying that CrashPlan is installed correctly


  1. If CrashPlan  is installed correctly it will appear in the Applications Folder . If this is not the case, See the Scotch Tech Centre immediately to get this rectified.

  2. To make it visible in the Dock - Click and hold CrashPlan  and drag the icon down into the Dock at the bottom of the desktop. Now you will be able to have easy access to the application at all times.

  3. Double Click to open CrashPlan  . This win order to check that the application is running correctly.​


Showing the CrashPlan icon in the Menu Bar


  1. Open ​​CrashPlan  from the Applications Folder .

  2. Click Code42 CrashPlan in the menu bar and select Preferences from the drop down menu.

  3. Find Show Code42 status in menu bar and click on the toggle to switch onto the 'on' position. This will ensure that the CrashPlan  icon will appear in the menu bar.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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