Why isn't my CrashPlan icon appearing in my task bar?


Your CrashPlan  icon may not be visible for a variety of reasons. Most commonly;

  • The application has not been installed properly onto the system.
  • CrashPlan's  menu bar icon isn't activated in the application's preferences. 

In order to make sure you can view CrashPlan  at all times in the Menu Bar (top bar), and be aware of when back ups are occurring, follow the steps below.

Verifying that CrashPlan is installed correctly:

  1. If CrashPlan  is installed correctly it will appear in the  Applications Folder .

  2. To make it visible in the Dock - Click and Hold CrashPlan  and drag the icon down into the Dock at the bottom of the desktop. Now you will be able to have easy access to the application at all times.

  3. Double Click to open up CrashPlan   in order to check if the application is running correctly.​

Showing CrashPlan icon in the Menu Bar:

There are 2 methods that can be used to get the CrashPlan  icon to show up in you menu bar.
One, through the software's settings and the other through the software's folder directory.

  1. Activating Launch Menu Bar in CrashPlan's settings menu:
    1. Open ​​CrashPlan   from the Applications Folder .

    2. Select Settings from the side panel. 
    3. Click Launch next to 'Launch Menu Bar' for the CrashPlan  icon to appear in the menu bar.
  2. Activate CrashPlan in menu bar from Finder:
    1. Find ​​CrashPlan  in the Applications Folder .

    2. Right Click on CrashPlan  and select Show Package Contents​.
    3. Then open up: Contents > Helpers > CrashPlan Menu Bar.
      • ​This will open up the CrashPlan icon in the Menu Bar.


What is the CrashPlan icon telling me?

Your CrashPlan  icon in the Menu Bar can give you vital information that explains what is occurring with the software.

  • If the icon is grayed out (as seen below), then you have not signed into CrashPlan  and it isn't backing up anything.

  • If the icon has a tick/checkmark, it means a recent back up has been completed. 

  • It may also be green which means CrashPlan   is currently backing up data. If you click the Icon you will be presented with the back up status. 


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