How do I back up my data on CrashPlan?


Using CrashPlan ​  to back up your data is simple.
Your CrashPlan should already be configured to automatically back up your User Folder to the Scotch or PLC Servers in the background.

  1. To access CrashPlan open it up from your Applications Folder 

  2. You will be presented with the panel below. Underneath Destinations there is a progress bar showing how much there is left to back up. You will also see when your next back up occurs.

  3. It is important to note the following things when backing up with CrashPlan 
    • Back ups occur automatically, in the background, approximately every 15 minutes. 
    • As you cannot manually run CrashPlan, your network bandwidth will always be using data when backing up to the cloud (internet). It is very important to keep in mind that when backing up from Home, CrashPlan  will always be using your Personal Bandwith. However, this does not mean that it will use a lot of your bandwidth. ​Your CrashPlan  has been designed to use as little bandwidth as possible when backing up off site (at home). When you are at school (on site) back ups will use maximum bandwidth for optimum back up speed and efficiency.
  4. To Restore your data, open the Restore panel from the side.

  5. Tick the box that states 'Show deleted files'. Any data that has been lost will show up in your backed up data.
  6. The folder structure under your user directory contains all your backed-up data. Search through the folders to find the file you would like to restore.
  7. Click Restore and by default your data will automatically be restored to your Desktop.
  8. To be sure that CrashPlan  is running correctly, check the Menu Bar at the top of your Mac's desktop for the CrashPlan  icon. 
    • When the icon has a tick inside it means that CrashPlan has recently completed backing up.
    • When the icon is green, it means that CrashPlan is currently backing up. 
    • Click on the icon to see when your next back up will occur.


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