How do I restore files from CrashPlan at home?


Restoring files from home using CrashPlan  is the same process as restoring files at school. However there are a couple of important things to consider when doing so:

  • Restoring data requires a network connection. The software will use your personal network at home to access the school server in order to function.
    • The Maximum file size that can be restored at home is 500Mb.
  • For home use, CrashPlan will be running at the lowest possible upload rate per hour. However, your personal network bandwidth will be used.
  • For use at school, the highest upload rate will be used.

Therefore, it is recommended that you reserve your largest restores/backups at school to utilise the fastest network speeds and save your personal network data/bandwidth.


In order to restore files from Home:

  1. Open up CrashPlan  from your Applications Folder 

  2. CrashPlan will open and will look similar to below. To Restore your data, open the Restore panel from the side.

  3. Check the box - 'Show deleted files' so any deleted/damaged files will show up in your folder structure.
  • Now search through the folder structure to find the files you want to restore. 
  • To restore the Most Recent version of your file to the Desktop simply click Restore.
  • If you would like to restore an older version of your file with different permissions, or to a different area of your computer, click Most Recent, Original Permissions and Desktop to cycle through the options.


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