Can I use the Scotch Logo?


The Scotch College logo is the foundation of the School’s visual identity. It has been designed to encompass the many and varied facets of Scotch College and represents the School in all media (e.g. printed publications, websites, advertisements). As the School’s most important visual identifier, the logo cannot be altered or adjusted. You Are Not Permitted to Attempt to Redraw or Rearrange It, or Alter Its Colour In Any Way.

There are minimum size and spacing requirements as well as logo placement, orientation and colour requirements, should you wish to use the School’s crest in any way in your Personal Project. Electronic copies of the official logo are available upon request from the Marketing Department, located in Campbell House, across from Main Reception. You may contact Kate Quinn or Kerrin Girando for further information. Please arrange to meet with Mrs Quinn or Mrs Girando to discuss your Personal Project requirements if you intend to use the Scotch College logo or crest in any way.