How do I borrow an eBook or audiobook?


Firstly, to access Audio and eBooks you will need to make sure that you have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions  or OverDrive .


  1. For School Issued Devices: Go to Self Service  and install Adobe Digital Editions  from the Featured section.
  2. For Other Devices: Use OverDrive :
    1. For help installing OverDrive  onto your other devices please see the links below:


The next step is Browsing for a Book.

  1. For instructions on how to access and use overdrive please click here.


To Borrow a Book:

  1. Click on the Borrow Button once you have found the book you wish to read.
  2. Use your student/staff ID to borrow a title. Titles you've borrowed will appear on your Bookshelf under your Account.
    The Borrow button on a title details page. See instructions above.