Converting an iMovie  to a Quicktime  movie is accessible though the Sharing options. When creating an iMovie  for an assignment, it is necessary for you to use an informative document name. You will want to use something such as Firstname_Lastname_Assessement. This informs the teacher as to WHOSE work, and WHAT assignment they are marking.


To convert an iMovie :


  1. Click on the Share button in the tool bar.

  2. Select the File option.

  3. Click on the Resolution Menu and Select the 540P option. This will ensure that you can easily and quickly upload your movie to SEQTA Learn . Then press Next.

  4. Choose an appropriate place to save your Quicktime  document. Also ensure that the document name is easy for your teacher to understand, you can just use the same one from the iMovie  document. Click Save.


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